The best American stocks to invest and speculate in 2021


Investing and Trading in the Financial Markets American stocks are one of the best investments of our modern times, and in this article we introduce you to the best American stocks and the best platforms for trading and investing in American stocks.

This article is your comprehensive guide to professionalizing American stocks. All you need is a cell phone and internet connection, and your focus is well on what we’ll cover in the paragraphs of this article.

The best US stocks to invest in

There are hundreds of stocks on the US stock exchanges, but you should be very careful before investing or speculating in US stocks, as this is an area that requires important business knowledge and financial analysis of the company before investing in its stocks .

As an expert in stock market trading and portfolio manager, I now present you a great treasure, present you the best American stocks for investment and speculation with a large expected profit margin, and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of each stock and tips for speculation and investment to get you the job to facilitate.

There are stocks that have seen growth before the Corona crisis and there are those that have seen great growth during the Corona crisis, but in this article we will try to introduce you to the stocks that are expected to be that they are showing significant growth or will continue to grow in a time after Corona.

We will present a list of the best stocks to invest and speculate in 2021, a presentation for each company, and a technical analysis of the stock price, economic and financial for each company.

This list does not focus on the most famous stocks that may have peaked in their growth, but rather on their expected growth range. We are going to introduce you to some medium-sized companies as well as some large and famous companies that offer you golden investment opportunities with a large expected profit margin.

Tesla stock

Tesla Corporation

The future of the electric car is par excellence: last year it achieved historic growth thanks to its wonderful project and the skills of its director ELON MUSK.

Tesla (formerly Tesla Motors) is an electric vehicle manufacturer founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning.

The Californian company named after inventor Nikola Tesla is now managed by ELON MUSK. SpaceX chairman and major shareholder.

The first model produced, which hit the market in 2008, was the Tesla Roadster, which sold more than 2,400 copies, followed by the Tesla Model S, which hit the market in 2012 and sold over 107,000 copies. In April 2016, Tesla announced the launch of the Model 3, a mass-produced five-door electric sedan that launched in 2017 at a price of $ 35,000.

TESLA analysis


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla (TSLA), has consistently resisted since taking over the electric car maker in 2008 and has continuously exceeded expectations. Now he has reported a better than expected result for the second quarter. Speaking on a conference call with analysts, Musk said it was a record quarter in many ways, and he said, “We have hit record levels of production and shipments, and for the first time in Tesla history, we exceeded $ 1 billion in net income.” But he added: “While we are building cars at full speed, the global chip shortage situation remains very serious. Chip supply is the most important factor that determines our production.  Adjusted earnings rose 230% to $ 1.45 per .

Tesla is one of the most important stocks on the stock market. Elon Musk, CEO and outspoken founder of Tesla, has turned what once seemed like a distant dream into the world’s dominant electric car company.

Tesla has big plans including solar panels, home battery storage and charging networks

Tesla plans to build its first Model Y cars in Berlin and Austin in 2021. However, the company said its large semi-electric truck won’t arrive until next year. It also suggested that Cybertruck might not roll off the line until 2022, after Musk previously said it could happen later this year.

“Despite the slight shift in the schedule, he let’s wait that the introduction of the semi and cyber truck will be positive catalysts for the Tesla share in the medium term, “said Baird analyst Ben Kalou in a message to customers. It has maintained an outperformance rating for the Tesla share. Price target increased from 736 to 764.

Sonos stick


SONOS is an American consumer electronics company based in Santa Barbara, California, founded on June 30, 2002, that manufactures and markets wireless hi-fi systems.

The company employs more than 1,448 people worldwide in the EMEA region and 300 in Santa Barbara (with over 9,000 square meters in 2 buildings), Cambridge (USA) and China. Since its inception, Sonos has raised 9 donations, including $ 135 million in June 2012 and one of $ 130 million in December 2014. Sonos systems work with PCs, Macs, and Android or iOS devices. (Compatibility with AirPlay 2 in 2018). In April 2014, the company switched to “full” wireless connectivity thanks to a software update that eliminates the need for previous connections between devices (routers or SONOS BRIDGE). In April 2019, the first two products were finally announced: a lamp and a shelf with attached loudspeaker, the series is called “Symfonisk”.

Sonos analysis:

Sonos Corporation

Sonos (NASDAQ: SONO), a company best known for its home speakers, rose its shares about 4% over the past year.

Last week (five trading days). Since the beginning of the year, the share has also risen 70%. In comparison, the sp500 has risen by around 2% and 10% compared to the previous week or the previous year.

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