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the main points :


FXDD is ranked as an accessible company due to its low cost. They don’t require high minimum balances in their standard accounts.

FXDD offers multiple options to deposit and withdraw funds quickly and easily.

FXDD manages its ECN accounts on a commission basis.

FXDD has seven trading platforms, each with a different minimum deposit and different features.


A comprehensive summary of the company:

Founded in 2002, FXDD is headquartered in Malta (with offices in New York). It is a CFD range forex broker offering various trading solutions for large individual and institutional clients, hedge funds and wealth managers.


This company accepts customers from 180 countries and offers a variety of trading accounts. FXDD is regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Authority and the Malta Financial Services Authority. Traders can choose between these two jurisdictions when opening their forex trading accounts with the company.


While Malta offers greater capital protection, Mauritius offers higher leverage limits.


FXDD is inexpensive, accessible, and does not require high or minimal balances in its standard accounts.


The company is characterized by the presence of relative competition in the spreads offered for different currencies, while ensuring that there is no risk of dips and drops and that there are no partial executions when executing trades.


It is FXDD’s policy that there is no commission on its standard account, with price improvement opportunities available on limit orders.


In general, traders looking for the lowest possible spreads can opt for FXDD’s online ECN account, which boasts low commissions and a 99% fill rate (defined as the percentage of a client’s order that is filled by instant stock availability).


Traders can choose from different trading platforms: MetaTrader4 (MT4) and 5, Webtrader available on FXDD and Zulutrader – automated trading system. A demo account is also available for traders who want to spend some time exploring the FXDD platform before committing to a live account (discussed in more detail below).


Is FXDD a safe company?


Yes indeed. FXDD operates out of Malta (a territory of the European Union) and Mauritius. Among other strengths, FXDD is licensed by the FCA in the UK, considered by many to be the industry gold standard when it comes to safety and regulation.


When traders register their accounts, they are asked to choose between a Malta and Mauritius account. While most of the features and benefits of these accounts are identical, Malta applies the strictest EU regulations when it comes to protecting deposits in the event of a brokerage liquidation – around 95% of the first €20,000 is held in a trading account.


In contrast, the Mauritius account offers relatively little deposit protection but makes up for it with higher leverage. Therefore, traders with a strong appetite for risk may want to choose the Mauritius account to benefit from doubling their trading capital.


Who is recommended to trade with FXDD?


There is no set minimum deposit for FXDD accounts, but $250 or more is recommended for “efficient” forex trading. This makes the platform ideal for traders interested in saving on trading costs. With a wide rangetrading options including forex pairs, stocks, metals and other types of assets, this platform is attractive as an all-in-one trading solution, especially since it offers seven different trading platforms.


Daily market updates and analysis, stock analysis, price action, webinars as well as constant market data updates make it an attractive and rewarding platform for forex traders.




established in 2002.

Low minimum deposit level.

There are strong rifts between customer accounts.

There are options for the available account types.

Multi-platform support and comprehensive market data analysis.



EU clients leverage is capped at 30:1.

Relatively limited tool set.


make investments

FXDD offers traders two types of accounts: a mini account and a standard account. Both can be set up as individual, joint or company accounts.


A smaller lot size allows small traders to get comfortable with the FXDD trading platform and benefit from the same tight spreads as the Standard Account, while the Standard Account is suitable for those who can afford a higher level of risk to their capital/speculative investment returns be able. The transaction size can be up to 100,000 units and the maximum leverage is 500:1.


There is also a standard demo account. This account is valid for three months from the first day of subscription. There are 67 currency pairs to choose from and all instruments can be traded directly through the MT4 platform. Additionally, a useful chart is provided to keep traders up to date on all the details of commodity trading.

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