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What is Forex? The complete guide for 2022


Before you start wondering what Forex is, you should get to know this market better. Forex trading has made many profits in recent years. According to a number of sources and information, the number of forex traders has doubled to about 10 million people in the last half decade.


To begin with, the basic question that interests every trader is how to learn forex, and in the following lines we will talk about the explanation of forex and points for trading, which is considered a book through which it helps to trade to learn and forex trading for beginners, what is forex trading and what are the factors that have made it so popular? This article is divided into 13 sub-sections, each section containing a lot of information about Forex that a trader might need as Arincen Network was able to provide it to teach beginners about the stock market in Arabic.


General Introduction: What is Forex? What is forex trading?

The foreign exchange market allows investors to buy, sell and speculate on currencies to make profits. The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world with more than $6 trillion in daily transactions thanks to the presence of many banks, trading firms, global central, investment and hedging firms, foreign exchange and retail investors.


This article is a beginner’s guide to trading education and more specifically to the basics of Forex. It will provide any trader with easy and simplified answers to learn the stock market and stocks from A to Z and help them get a comprehensive picture of what forex is and how to trade currencies.


What is the term Forex?

For example, anyone can exchange US dollars for Japanese yen. Foreign exchange transactions can also be conducted in the foreign exchange market known as the forex market.


Introduction to the foreign exchange market

This market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week, Monday to Friday, excluding public and international holidays. One of the advantages of this market is that it allows trading currencies online . These trades can also be made using your computer or mobile phone.


There are a few key players in the forex market, namely:

central banks

commercial banks

financial institutions


Private investors/currency speculators

In order to learn forex for beginners, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the information about it, since there are three different types of forex markets that everyone needs to know: The currency futures market is the market in which the purchase or sale of a particular currency amount is agreed and settled at a later date. Finally, the futures forex market, where the contract to buy or sell is set at a specific date and price in the future. This contract differs from futures contracts as they are defined by law.


When some refer to the forex market, in this case they mean the cash market. For companies, the markets and futures are the most commonly used, especially companies that need to hedge foreign exchange risks that have a fixed date in the future.



How to trade forex

In order to learn the stock market for beginners, the trader needs to know how to trade currencies, since the trading process is carried out in pairs through a broker. It is calculated in relation to the other currency. The most popular currency pairs in the forex market include:



US Dollar / Japanese Yen

British Pounds / US Dollars

Euro / Japanese Yen

Australian Dollar / US Dollar

New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar

Canadian Dollar / US Dollar

How to read the currency pair on the trading platform?

One of the fundamentals of forex teaching is learning how to trade forex. If you are looking for the USD/EUR pair, the currency on the left is the base currency and on the right is the quote currency. Each currency pair has a specific price associated with it, and that price is the amount of the other currency needed to buy a base currency.


What are the factors driving movements in the forex market?

The Forex market is one of the financial markets whose movements are controlled by the package of supply and demand, in addition to some other factors explained below to help educate the trade.


Forex strategy is based on market presentation where the central banks and monetary policy of some countries are the most important officials in the market. For example, if the US Federal Reserve does quantitative easing, the US dollar will definitely falln


Other factors that can affect exchange rates are each country’s news reports, as positive news reports increase the demand for that country’s currency and hence the currency’s rise. Negative news will certainly reduce demand for the currency and lower its price, and this will affect FX indicators.


Market sentiment is one of the factors that can affect the movement of the market. If investors expect the currency to trend down, they will trade lower, reducing demand for the currency as well as its price. Another important factor is a country’s credit rating, which is an independent assessment of a country’s likelihood of debt repayment. Any country with a high credit rating can experience an increase in the price of its currency, and conversely, any country with a low credit rating will see a decrease in the price of its currency

How Do You Make Forex Trading Profitable? Is Forex Profitable?

In the next paragraph we explain how to learn to trade using two examples:


How to Trade Currencies:

If you buy a currency and the value of that currency goes up, you will make big profits. On the other hand, if the value of the currency falls, you lose money.

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